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28th August 2008, 17:32
Failed miserably with the Sunday Express Skeleton on 17/8/08 and couldn't get a copy next week for the answers! Still missing 7,8,9 down and 11,16,21 across. Their own website doesn't show previous crossword answers! Anyone know where I can get this info or can you help? Cheers!
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31st August 2008, 00:06
I know its late but does this help/
I didnt solve them I just happened to have the Sunday Ex for the 24th Aug with the answers.
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31st August 2008, 15:20
Thanks very much! They were driving me crazy. I even emailed the paper but no reply. Also I now realize I had 15ac wrong - "Beast coming from a short platform" (4) I put boar(d) but your answers show it should be stag(e). Cheers!
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