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13th April 2009, 21:46
I have just found this site. As an avid Rainbow puzzler, I have read the threads with interest.
I have 6 still to solve, 19 and 94 of course, but I would welcome clues to no.42 Maids who get their employers tired at first fail to pay for the dishes, 5. 8. and no.11 can be used to attack two men on board, 4. I have some ideas but they just don't seem right, and where on earth do I start with no.96?
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13th April 2009, 22:10
Hi Jake,

If you want some clues: No.5 Another word for average and bulbs are not flowers. No.8 Another word for jester, backward and an anagam of has. No.11 A move in a boardgame. No.42 A word meaning fail to pay + people who help actors/actesses get into costume. 96 Alice in Wonderland.
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13th April 2009, 23:14

We need to talk. Seems to me there are some double standards in our relationship. I'm supposed to spend all my time on boring old clue 19 and there you go galavanting around with every new thread that turns up out of the blue. The deadline is upon us you know, come on, sort yourself out, we need to work at it you know
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13th April 2009, 23:27
Don't think I haven't been watching you meandering willy-nilly across everybody else's pages. I've been one step behind you all the way. A dabble here, a dabble there, currying favour. Today I have let you off the hook but tomorror, tomorrow I'm expecting big things of you!! God knows what I'll do for light entertainment when this is done, I haven't got a clue what all the DT's, Mephistos and thingummyjigs are. A closed book as far as I'm concerned.

While you have been watching the tele I've been trawling page after page in the thesaurus, dictionary, internet, wordfiles etc. etc. ad as we're an hour ahead of you, I'm now off to bed otherwise I'll never get up for work.

Night Night JaimeBe, I expect positive thinking from you tomorrow.
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14th April 2009, 10:13
Campanilla, thank you. I think I misled you over the numbers, 5 and 8 denoted the length of the answers, not the clue numbers. However it was reassuring to have my answers verified. Sorry about the double entry.
Many thanks. J.
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17th April 2009, 11:08
dear Campanilla & Jim B thanks for amusing entries. Please concentrate on job in hand NO>19!!!!! Im losing the will to live. All reference books have had the print worn off and still non the wiser. lol lizzyminto.
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