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12th April 2009, 08:15
Morning, all! Can I run this one by you re Q19 in the latest Rainbow Puzzle?

1) Man's BEST FRIEND = a DOG
2) If someone is Close to someone else, they could be said to be WELL IN with them.
So, DOG round WELL IN = DOWELLING = part of the structure of a house.

My only qualms are (a) is dowellling "protection", and (b) It does say "round the close", rather than just round "close".

Just a thought!!

Regards to all.
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12th April 2009, 11:51
DougGlos 19. Rainbow I tried \"fireplace\" Pal = best friend round PLA. Firece = Fierce A fierce dog comes round the close to give protection
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12th April 2009, 12:14
MD : Thanks for your ideas - I just don't see where "the close" comes into your answer though, and is a pal necessarily a "best friend"? Will keep in mind though.
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12th April 2009, 12:35
Q19 " Best friend comes round the Close to give protection."(9)

Could this be BEDSPREAD? = cover = protection.

B(est frien)D comes round(th)E = last letter/close of word to make BED.

SPREAD = to give(out)

Also CLOSE T(o) is a hidden word and could refer to a bed-closet which would contain a bedspread.

Haven`t seen this suggested before but apologies if it`s been in a post I`ve missed reading!

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12th April 2009, 18:34

Not sure of the logic of taking the B & D from
B(est frien)D??

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13th April 2009, 09:20
Hi all,

I'm stumped on this one too.

I think we need to keep working on it. Inventive as the above ideas are, these puzzles are usually perfectly constructed and leave no room for doubt.

I too like the DOG idea, but can't find a way of using it. And what about "the Close"? Why does it have a capital letter? Is there a TV soap perhaps set in a close? Is there a film star? (Glenn Close doesn't seem to work).

Keep at it

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13th April 2009, 11:07
One and all. How about "Fireguard" or is this too simple. tHEY USUALLY ARE WHEN YOU SOLVE THEM Friend comes round = FIRE GUARD dog gives protection
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13th April 2009, 11:16
Grumpygeezer - I noticed that in street maps they abbreviate Close to Clo., (as in Avenue with Ave., etc), and that starts with a capital letter. Could it be that we have to use the letters CLO somewhere? (....comes round the Close). Or "the Close" could be "the ending" or "the end", etc.
Fiendish it is !! Will keep trying!.
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john (from arran)

13th April 2009, 12:40
@grumpygeezer - Yes, there was 'Brookside' on Channel 4 which was set in Brookside Close. I don't know if that helps.

@ dougglos - Possibly 'the Close' could be the last letter of 'the', which is 'E'.

' All - I am currently working on 'DUSTSHEET' and 'STAIRGATE' but not getting very far.
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14th April 2009, 11:50
Glenn Close was mentioned. Glenn + mate (best friend) becomes gentleman. There are endless possibilities, but does this help? J.
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