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19th October 2010, 22:42
Please can anyone help me on Nos 19, 94 and 66
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19th October 2010, 23:00
please supply the clues and we will try and answer them for you,

there was another thread regarding this quiz perhaps the answers are listed on there.
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19th October 2010, 23:37
Hi, can anyone help me with No. 9 please, it's my last one and it's driving me crazy! I noticed on a previous site that the answer was an anagram of four words and was the name of a man but I have now tried all the combinations I can think of without any luck. Will some kind soul please put me out of my misery and point me in the right direction?

9. Afar, a man got fuzzy optical illusion 4,7
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20th October 2010, 00:18
fata morgana
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20th October 2010, 12:38
Thanks so much BigD, I would never have got it without help, a question of not seeing the wood for the trees!!!
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20th October 2010, 22:17
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