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9th April 2009, 20:40
1. Dead man walking? (6,5,4)
2.Molly looked really lovely in this colour (6,2,4)
3.Genetically engineered sharks lived here (4,4,3)
4. Famous French dance hall (6,5)
5.Maximum sci fi colour (11)
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9th April 2009, 20:58
2. Pretty in Pink
3. Deep Blue Sea?
4. Moulin Rouge
5. Technicolor
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9th April 2009, 21:12
Thank you pianydd
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9th April 2009, 21:35
Hi Ellie, are you sure that the first one is 6,5,3? I only mention it as there is a film with Tom Hanks about prisoners on Death Row called "The Green Mile".
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john (from arran)

9th April 2009, 23:27
'YELLOW BRICK ROAD' would fit but I can't remember seeing any ghosts in it.
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10th April 2009, 00:07
'LITTLE BLACK BOOK' fits you number's but not the discription, as its more a comedy and romance.
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