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9th April 2009, 15:41
1) Home of the oddly dressed Teenie (No number of letters but it is in Scotland)
2)Troubled poet began the crossing (8)
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john (from arran)

9th April 2009, 17:45
Well, lots spring to mind for 1) especially a small village in Easter Ross called 'BADLIPSTER'! However, I think 'DUFFTOWN' may be the answer.
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9th April 2009, 18:18
Hi Chuckle.

re no.2, a bit of a longshot here so please ignore at will ...

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a poet, quite troubled during his lifetime by illness etc.. (although I suspect the same could be said of many poets). So .... COLE could be 'Troubled poet began' and FORD 'the crossing' making COLEFORD, in Gloucestershire.

Best Wishes.
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9th April 2009, 19:28
Thank you John & JimC
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