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8th April 2009, 22:37
Welsh Dressers - welsh = fail to pay
dressers- maids who get their employers (at)tired
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8th April 2009, 22:46

Nice one

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8th April 2009, 23:09
Thanks Jim B - I just discovered this site and am hoping it will help on those occasions when I miss a clue - get the answer the next day, and can't for the life of me work it out.
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8th April 2009, 23:47

Welcome Laura from a fairly new participant to this forum. There appears to be a fairly robust core of experienced and skilled contributers with such notables as Big Dave and JimC who give regular correct, and rapid, responses to requests for help, ( I hate 'em). Slightly disturbing is the DT clique who give minimum info for which non-DT readers are disadvantaged. Still, we're all good friends really
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9th April 2009, 00:07
Thanks for the welcome. I assume DT is forum shorthand for the Telegraph?

I live in Australia and read the Australian which reproduces old Times Crosswords (sometimes this causes problems when the original puzzle includes date related clues which are rendered meaningless)

Occasionally I get the courier mail giving me access to old Guardian puzzles.

Looking forward....
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big dave

9th April 2009, 01:00

Flattered as I am to be singled out, there are many others on this site that do as good a job (or better) than I do. I won't mention names as I am sure to leave someone out!


Welcome to the site. I used to do a lot on another site (whose name I won't mention) but so many of the people on there seem only to be interested in how quickly they can post as many answers as possible and then get ratty if you add an explanation of the wordplay. Here, it's much more friendly and leisurely.

And yes, DT is shorthand for the Daily Telegraph, although this gets confusing on Sunday as ST can mean the Times or the Telegraph. If you get in touch with me via the Contact page on my blog, I could send you a few (recent!) Telegraph crosswords to supplement your supply.
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9th April 2009, 07:36
Thanks Laura for putting me out of my misery. I have been wracking my brain on the Welsh Dressers clue since MD first posted it.
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10th April 2009, 20:00

Interested to note you dwell in the land downunder where I spent a couple of years in the mid sixties (writer pauses to stroke long white beard) with time in Adelaide, Alice Springs and Melbourne. Mind you in those days they didn't have the magic box of tricks known as the world wide web which is, to an old codger such as I, well, magical and so forums such as this were just stuff of dreams.

As an avid "Grauniad" fan (like yourself?) I have yet to see any queries from any with calls for help. Are we more cliqueish than DT solvers?

Best wishes
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10th April 2009, 23:17
@ Big Dave - thanks heaps, haven't attempted the DT in quite a while - will contact you when I get back from my weekend away

@Jim B - No doubt you will be hearing from me soon with some tricky Gaundria clues! (wish I had a long white beard to stroke- I'm sure it must make thinking easier)
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