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6th April 2009, 14:31
Last three:

1) Critical times - power to kill must be curtailed (9)
R???L?N?S (The only result from a solver search seems to be RATTLINGS, but I can't make it fit)

2) Material put forward for wild animal to eat (8)
???O?I?E - Wild animal is presumably an anagram of lion giving ???OLINE, with put forward giving the first three letters

3) Models no longer rather bulky - small! (8)
E?????E? (third letter is third letter from clue one, fifth letter is second letter from clue two)

Any help much appreciated.
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6th April 2009, 15:01
The third one is EXAMPLES = models.
EX (no longer) + AMPLE (rather bulky) + S (small).
Not sure about the other two.
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6th April 2009, 15:15
Thanks Ken,

Examples is correct. The first one is DEADLINES (I had the R wrong at the start, but can see it all fits now).

Just ?P?OLINE to go, which should be a material.
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6th April 2009, 15:23

1 Put forward = POSIT

2 Wild animal = APE

1 eaten by 2 = Apposite = Very appropriate = material

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6th April 2009, 15:29
Thank you Ken.

I've been double bluffed - Quixote on a Sunday seems to love his anagrams and here we are with wild animal meaning, erm, wild animal.

Thanks for putting this one to bed.
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6th April 2009, 15:30
Sorry, thank you Ken and Jim. The crossword must be getting to me.
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