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22nd May 2008, 18:20
I just finished the one from last week, but I don't understand some of the clues. Can anyone fill me in on this one...

Happy event Raplh's wife has in tummy area (answer: VENTRAL, I know this relate to the 'tummy area' but I don't get the rest)

Frost read out poem
(With the letters I've got, I'm assuming it's RHYME but again, I don't understand the 'frost read out' bit)

Low water - first part flows up cut
(With what I've got, I'm assuming it's EDIT OUT due to the 'cut' bit)

Avian disease in obvious remark so to speak
(BIRD FLU - easy enough with the Avian part, but I can't tie up what the rest of the clue is supposed to mean)
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22nd May 2008, 19:16
Ventral comes from the end of 1 word and the start of the next - ...eVENT RALph...
Frost = rime which sounds like rhyme.
I'm guessing this one, but EDIT backwards is TIDE and TIDE OUT is low water?
I'm also guessing this one but BIRD FLU sounds like BIRD FLEW?
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