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5th April 2009, 13:08
Dear Carravagio - please solve 18a for me - my cranium is not getting the message!
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big dave

5th April 2009, 13:16
I'm sure C won't mind me answering!!

18a Store no tat in fancy 11 acrosses (4)
Pluralise 11 across, remove tat and then find an anagram of what’s left.

11a is TOP HAT, so this gives (T)OP H(AT)S and thus leads to SHOP.

.... but please give the clue next time!!

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5th April 2009, 16:06
Hi Gwen,

I'm rather pleased that BD offered the explanation because, as you can see, it was somewhat lengthy...

Regards to you both,

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5th April 2009, 19:50
Thanks to you both - Gwen
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