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22nd September 2010, 23:42
stan is the man. trevorterry no way at all, dudes.
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23rd September 2010, 00:20
Thank you Theresa,I'll probably be running this site in a month.
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23rd September 2010, 00:29
Conclusive proof that Trevor and Terry are one and the same is that not only can neither of them spell Fuerteventura, but that they both misspell it in the same way.
I can't be bothered to look back for the relevant thread, but it's there, trust me.
Treverry, you are rumbled.
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23rd September 2010, 00:40
Stan, yore de man!!!
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the joker

23rd September 2010, 00:57
Stan you couldn't run a bath.
Anyway surprised you still have a month to go.
I think you have been kidding us.
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23rd September 2010, 02:24
theresa is probably the same poster as Stan.
Ernie seems a bit thicker though, and probably believes that drivel he spouted.
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