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2nd April 2009, 14:37
5a Philosopher as opener of conversation(6)

8d Region has influence,it's said, that's indirect(8)

The last letter of 5a is the 1st of 8d.
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2nd April 2009, 15:24
Hi Trevor.

I think HOBBES and SIDEWAYS may be the answers.

Best Wishes.
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big dave

2nd April 2009, 15:26
5a (Thomas) HOBBES sounds like (of conversation) Jack Hobbs (well known opening batsman of yesteryear)

8d SIDEWAYS (indirect) - SIDE (region) WAYS sounds like WEIGHS (has influence,it's said)

You need to brush up on your homophones!
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2nd April 2009, 15:51
Thanks to both of you,
I think your'e right Big Dave about my homophones.
I did spot that they were involved in both clues but I kept looking for Sways instead of weighs.
As for Jack Hobbs - my knowledge of sport is not much more than the names George Best and Muhammad Ali.
Thanks again.
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