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19th September 2010, 13:43
Just can't make 21a (Clears out line of white of eye) fit with 19d(Cheshire town secures groom for Devon resort) last letter of 21 and third letter of 19 should be the same and they're not! Be gentle with me - first time poster!
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19th September 2010, 13:47
Hello Ang, and welcome! 21c is an anagram of clears and l (for line)

19 d Cheshire town, 4 letters beginning with S, contains word for groom - what do you do to your hair ? and this makes the name of a town in Devon
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the joker

19th September 2010, 13:50
If you would give more information,such as the no.of letters in each clue and also any letters you may have,then I am sure help will be forthcoming.
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19th September 2010, 13:53
Aha! I had splurge purge and L and a bit of 'not quite sureness! I did get the groom bit but not the rest. Thanks very much for the help. I will no doubt be back!
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19th September 2010, 13:56
Sorry Joker. I should have done that. Will do so next time.
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