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31st March 2009, 09:42
Is there something weird about this grid?
Should there be a thick line across, 6th line down, 3rd from left?
Otherwise there's a 2-letter word down with no clue between 16 and 17.
Thanks for any help.
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31st March 2009, 10:16
Hi Dan,

How unobservant of me - I have finished 2535, after assistance gratefully received from Jerry, but never noticed this grid error !


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31st March 2009, 10:20

I'm just starting this crossword today and I agree that it does look like there should be a solid bar there.

A couple of weeks ago there was a clue indicated to be 2 words for which the answer was 3 words 'over the moon', so I hope they tighten up QA a bit!

Best Wishes.
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31st March 2009, 10:27
Thanks Alan and JimC, glad to hear the gremlins haven't just been at our grid!
Should we ink in solid bar before sending off or just leave it? Mm ...

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31st March 2009, 14:39
Hi all,
Ref Jim's post on this: Don't bank on it,there are
a couple of hyphenated words in it,marked as one word.
About the query on the missing bar,I would and
have inked it in,as I think it may be a printing
Best of luck boys and girls!
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