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13th September 2010, 01:21
Just started with a book of how to solve cross words and have found two clues with no answer which are supposed to be easy but I cannot solve them:
"There are several in swimsuits here, but we're crackers about her (7)"
"Flighty little thing allowed to hang around pub (6)".

Now both of these clues are on a page about clues of which one word is contained in another.

Any help is much appreciated
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13th September 2010, 01:27
Second answer would be:


Let = allowed; Inn = pub; Linnet = bird
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13th September 2010, 01:34
I finally have the first one: Bathers ("Bats" around "her")

Can I swap this solution for another question?
"In the county is a very soft stone (9)"

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13th September 2010, 08:10
'Very soft' is pp and another name for a county is 'shire'.
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13th September 2010, 09:32
for the answer to that - which you have probably now got, you also need to add the "a".
thus you'll have S a pp hire.
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