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28th March 2009, 14:49
Can someone please explain why the answer to 4d is Joanne?
Clue reads "Lady,not one on piano,started exercises"
Please put me out of my misery!!!
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28th March 2009, 14:54
Joanna is slang for a piano."not one on piano" gives joann, add the "e" (start of exercise).
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28th March 2009, 15:33
Newby here.
That's a pretty poor clue, IMHO.
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28th March 2009, 16:23
welcome bobness,
A lot of people here complain about the quality of the occasional clue in the DT.
I didn't think this one was too bad tho(assuming I am correct), there have been worse.
regards trevor
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big dave

28th March 2009, 17:09
I think it's not only a poor clue, but a poor answer as well. I am currently conducting a campaign against the use of girl's and boy's names in crosswords unless the clue refers to a specific person. There were several other words that would have fitted the checking letters, including bounce and lounge and even bonnie.

This particular crossword also had a B-list town and a C-list town, if I can draw a parallel with celebrities to describe East Grinstead and Sleaford. Once again, apart from the anagrams that led to the answers, there was no indication, other than the county, as to which town and some solvers have probably never heard of either or both of these places.

What do you think?
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28th March 2009, 17:33
this is the first time I have used this forum and can\'t believe the whingeing about the clues. Its a crossword for crying out loud not a reason to start some sad campaign! If you can\'t hack it, do the sun!
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28th March 2009, 17:38
Hi Big Dave,

I completed both the Telegraph and General Knowledge crosswords by lunchtime and didn't enjoy either of them.

Fortunately, I had heard of East Grinstead and Sleaford - my mother was born in Lincolnshire - which reminds me of the roadsign in Lincolnshire which reads:

TO MAVIS ENDERBY & OLD BOLINGBROKE - to which someone had added 'THE GIFT OF A SON'.

You may rest assured that you have my full support in campaigning for the absence of Christian names and place names in cryptic crosswords.

Best wishes,

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28th March 2009, 19:36
welcome mick1, I think you have a valid point but don't give yourself a hernia.
Its only a crossword forum for crying out loud if it annoys you go twitter.
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29th March 2009, 10:58
Help please! Cannot do 12a A-edn-g--
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29th March 2009, 13:11
Hi Gwen,
I've put Abednego as the answer.
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