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26th March 2009, 17:43
I have finished this with the exception of 5d and 4a
5d Potato ends spattered with mud - I want this clean! (3,6,4) ??T ?A?N?D ?P?T I think the first letter is an O.
4a Between first course and last returning energy
made one more powerful (6,2) ???P?D ?P The second
letter I think is O, might the answer be SOUPED UP?
Any help please?
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26th March 2009, 17:47
Jerry, 5d is OUT DAMNED SPOT, I think from Shakespeare.
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26th March 2009, 17:50
Hi Jerry,

Yes, it is SOUPED UP. E for energy between SOUP and PUD [backwards]. I must I quite like that one!

I am still thinking about the other one.


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26th March 2009, 18:02
Hi Jim and the Master of Light,
I think you are both right;I did'nt know the Bard's
quote,and could not figure the "PUD" connection.
Well done both of you and thank you,
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