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23rd March 2009, 19:20
Evenin' all. One clue puzzles me today:
"Foreign rock I found in unusual crater" = 'erratic'. Anagram of I/crater but what's this 'foreign rock' nonsense?
Many thanks.
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big dave

23rd March 2009, 19:39
This one was new for me as well. The Gospel according to St Chamber's says:

erratic: noun
a wanderer
an erratic block or boulder

erratic block or erratic boulder: noun
a mass of rock transported by ice and deposited at a distance

Chamber's is used as a source by a large number of crossword setters (that's the big version, not the smaller one that is also available free online)
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23rd March 2009, 20:02
Thanks Dave. Out of curiosity, how big is the big version? In inches...
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big dave

23rd March 2009, 22:59
Approx. 11 x 7.5 x 2.5

Accept no substitute, as they say. You also get 6 months free subscription to the full online version when you buy the hardback. £16.09 post free in the UK from Amazon (list price £25):
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