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22nd March 2009, 17:09
Hi everybody,
Sorry I haven't been on the site for the last few days,have been in absentia.
I think I have completed thyis if anybody
requires assistance.
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22nd March 2009, 19:19
Hi Jerry. Normally at this time of a Sunday I would be half way through Mephisto.
This week, I have 26across.
Could you kindly answer either 1D or 2A to see if a jump start will help me.
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22nd March 2009, 19:31
Hi Jimmy,
1d Is an anagram of appeal to bush = ALPHABET SOUP
I hope this helps.
p.s Does the Schotts,refer to the place near the M8?
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22nd March 2009, 19:40
Thanks Jerry, hopefully this can kick start me.
Yes, the Shotts is a little village just off the M8 which is lovely in summer, which is usually a few days between June and August.
Thanks again.
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22nd March 2009, 22:05
Hi Jerry,
Bob in France again! Am house, dog and cat sitting for a pal who has ben forced to visit his mother-in-law in England!!! Am without Chambers etc but getting somewhere slowly. 2A would help as I only have IC as the last two letters and am being misled by a possible anagram?
Best wishes,
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22nd March 2009, 22:28
Hi Bob,
It is not an anagram,if you require a lead as opposed to the answer,"CITYS" in reverse around the
middle six letters will give you a lead.
You lucky sod,I wish somebody would ask me to house-sit en belle France.
Best regards,
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23rd March 2009, 08:25
Thanks Jerry. Back to the drawing board now. Fabulous weather here and I walked the dogs at sunrise. I have lived here for 15 plus years and enjoy every day still!! Au revoir
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23rd March 2009, 15:41
Hi Jerry

I'm new to Mephisto (the last 5 weeks) and to this Forum. Not too sure about 5dn - looks to be PRION (a sea bird from the southern oceans) but don't fully understand how this answer fits the clue. Would be grateful for assistance.
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23rd March 2009, 15:52
Hi Alan.


5d. See sea bird stir, moving south.

The way I explained this was that 'stir' is slang for 'prison'. Then take away the 's' for 'south' to give 'prion'.
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23rd March 2009, 15:56
Hi Alan,
The word "stir" in the clue is key to this,another
slang term for PRI(S)ON/moving South.
Welcome to the forum and the vagaries and mysteries
of the Mephisto. Do you have a Chambers dictionary?
Best wishes,
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