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22nd August 2010, 19:00
It must be obvious but I can't see it
25a remainder left isnide - one of 28 here
Is it CLUE ? Why 28 ?
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22nd August 2010, 19:06
because there are 28 of them in the crossword
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22nd August 2010, 19:07
I had clue too as there are 28 clues in this puzzle and it is CUE with L in it. Do you think that there could be a misprint and it should say reminder rather than remainder?
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22nd August 2010, 19:13
thanks. I did not add up the clues (but did not see a clue numbered "28") hence the problem.
I think definitely reminder instead of remainder
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22nd August 2010, 19:15
Posting by chrisg a little further down states following:

My copy of the ST4395 has a typo in 25A
Clue reads "Remainder left inside - one of 28 here"
Should read Reminder rather than Remainder
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