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19th March 2009, 11:48
Cant understand13a 10d 26a
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19th March 2009, 12:21
It would help if you gave those of us who are not Guardian readers a clue, including no of letters and any letters you already have
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19th March 2009, 13:59
Guardian crossword 24647
clue.among the damned,batsman bowled illegally at Norfolk river to get ship with female-she queried priority of arrival in ruthless rhyme
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big dave

19th March 2009, 20:05
Try verse four of Ruthless Rhymes by Harry Graham

The batsman is Lara - I'm sure you can work out the rest.
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20th March 2009, 08:20
Good morning to you all.

I have visited the site you recommended, Big Dave, and I have the answer - as you had predicted - but how on earth did you know where to find it?

On more than one occasion, I have said that my favourite poet was Roald Dahl ['Dirty Beasts'; 'Revolting Rhymes'] and Harry Graham seems to have been mentored by Dahl!

I can empathise with Jean because I wouldn't have known where to have started without your guidance.


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big dave

20th March 2009, 11:48
Good Morning, Caravaggio and Jean

The question intrigued me so I downloaded the whole puzzle from here:

I then realised that it was part of 2 linked clues and set about getting some checking letters. Having got as far as "The rugged mountains" as a guess for part of the 25, 20, 12 set then google did the rest.

Altogether a very enjoyable puzzle, for which I thank Jean as without her question I would not have found it.
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