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19th August 2010, 01:52
Why if a question seems simple, do some people need to be nasty? I have only just arrived here but am reluctant to ask any questions in case I get a lot of others saying I am thick or silly.
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19th August 2010, 02:03
Zodiac, if it was you who posted the ridiculous question on the previous thread 'Help' then you ARE thick or silly. What's not to understand?
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19th August 2010, 02:43
Well of course it was not me, that is why I am asking. I do have an idea how forums work and yes their answer was a bit obvious but we all have moments where it does not kick in?
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the joker

19th August 2010, 03:38
This is almost invariably a very friendly site in which the vast majority of the posters are extremely helpful in assisting people in solving their questions.
Unfortunately,from time to time,some idiot posts ridiculous questions or comments, and it is not surprising that he/she gets an abrasive response.
I have been guilty of this myself on a few occasions in the past.
I am sorry that you feel inhibited from using the site in the future,but I am certain that any genuine enquiry which you may have,will be accorded at least civility,and very likely the correct answer which you are seeking.
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19th August 2010, 05:35
F'off t.
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the joker

19th August 2010, 13:51
Have just read your ambiguous posting Trevor,and I am assuming that the final "t" stands for the poster
, and not trevor.
I am egotistical enough to believe it is the former.
Kindest regards
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19th August 2010, 14:02
Ha-ha TJ
I think you know that i meant the poster Mr (or Lady)T
I hope nobody else thinks that i am "t".
Although i have been quite rude from time to time "t" is just spiteful and arrogant.
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19th August 2010, 14:12
Looks like 't' stands for troll...
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19th August 2010, 14:24
Abso-bloody-lutely Bullfrog, and we shouldn't keep feeding it like i just have - again. Doh!!!
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19th August 2010, 14:26
Zodiac, welcome, if you post a thread as long as you supply the name of the crossword, the full clue, the number of letters and any letters you have towards the answer, you will get a reply from one of us, do let someone put you off asking for help.

There is a bit of friendly banter, but regarding the "nasty" remarks on this site, we have learned just to ignore them they are from one person who uses verious names, I did at one point after a few personal insults stop using the site, but why should I allow one person stop me from coming on here. m
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