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17th March 2009, 21:06
Any Mephisto brainboxes out there. I am stuck on three. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
8d. When two women leave, expression of reassurance is a failure - I have 'NON?' (4 letters)
15A. Chance of a passing breeze? I have - 'SLA?T'
(5 letters).
27A. Appearing bearish, before interrupting Arab chief. I have '?rc?oid' (7 letters). I think it might be arcloid, but can't find any corroboration.
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17th March 2009, 21:15
If you Google 'arcloid' you will find reference to bears. I'm having trouble connecting the clue to the answer but that's nothing new.
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17th March 2009, 21:22
Thanks, Rosecart, I am in the same boat. Keep up the good work.
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17th March 2009, 21:30
8d No-no (now-now without the 2 "w"'s)
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17th March 2009, 21:38
Thank you Trevor. I had tried every variation I could think of with the letters and 'she' and 'her' and every girl's name I could think of. Naturally, I now feel a wee bit thick. Many Thanks.
Rosecart, it appears that 'ARCTOID' is also a word with 'bear' connotations!!! Thanks again for the input from you both.
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17th March 2009, 22:05
Hi ShottsJimmy,
I don't even try to do Mephisto, it looks way too hard for me.
I just got lucky with that clue. (If my answer is correct).
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18th March 2009, 18:27
Hi ShottsJimmy.

re 15Ac., I've wondered for ages about what I'll put for this to complete the crossword and will probably put the somewhat rude word SLART.

If it's not SLART, I'll be interested to eventually know what the correct answer is.
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18th March 2009, 19:48
I think maybe ARCHOID looks like a bet!
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18th March 2009, 22:01
Thanks to all.
JimC - The only thing I can come up with for SLA-T is slant, but it doesn't appear to show anything relating to breezes or anything else to do with the clue.
DaveJ - I can't find anything (i.e, Googling or Dictionaries) to go along with Archoid. On't other 'and, ARCTOID, when googled, gives up - 'like a bear'.
Trevor - Have a go at it. First week you might get three, second week twelve, etc,. It is one h-ll of a challenge which gives up tremendous pleasure when it is finished. I know it is hard to believe but when you first finish it you actually believe, for a wee while anyway, that you are actually quite clever.
My thanks to you all, including redflower trolley.
I will probably interact with you all again next week with a few head-banging clues looking for clever people to solve for me. Many,many thanks to you all.
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18th March 2009, 23:10
last post for tonight. From another source I have learned that the 'Chambers Dictionary' lists 'SLANT' as being both a - chance- and a - slight breeze. Tomorrow I am ditching my old, deeply loved Collins Dictionary in favour of the 'Chambers'. Thanks again to all who helped.
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