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17th August 2010, 19:48
I was at the beach the other day and I looked over at the sand and saw an older man and woman having a bit of an argument. I stood and watched for a while and the longer the argument went on the more people walking by also stopped and watched, I'm sad to say a lot of them were children.

Anyway the argument got worse with each passing minute and the crowd that was forming started to get a little agitated, shouting at the man or the woman and egging them on in the argument. After a while the man picked up a stick and started to beat the woman round the head. I was disgusted when this just made the crowd cheer and egg the man on more. A policeman came over and tried to calm the couple down but the man just paused in his attacking of the woman to smack the policeman around the head with the stick. By this time the crowd around them were jeering at the three and it was obvious no-one else was going to intervene. I looked away in disgust at how a small argument between two people had escalated so far.

Then to make matters worse a crocodile ate their sausages!
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