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17th August 2010, 15:32
Hi Everyone - this is a first [not that I've completed it - but starting the thread] for me! Everyone must be on hols, or their copy hasn't yet been delivered...
Didn't find it too difficult this week - loads of anagrams, which I like!!
BUT - and big BUT at that....
I'm stuck in the top l/h corner
7a quiet exercise after a fashion
-h--- [4th letter could be i]

8a no brave opening to a third symphony
-r-h-a [again 4th letter could be h]

the above depending on whether I've got
2d correct -
divided work caused damage to garment. I've got an answer, but don't know how I've arrived at the first word.....

I'm not very clever at giving alternative clues, but if anyone's stuck [as if!], I'll try and help out on the rest....

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17th August 2010, 15:36
7a think of Fashion as a verb.
(if i am right your "i" is wrong)
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old gal

17th August 2010, 15:40
Chris, hi! I believe the third symphony is Beethoven's - I will give you the name if you like but perhaps you like to think about it more.

I could be wrong..... I'm very seldom on the crossword this early but have made a fairly good start (had to rip up the Simon Cowell cover of the RT tho!!!)
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17th August 2010, 15:46
well done Old Gal re Simon Cowell. Also,well done on your clue which does mean that Chris4food's H is wrong.
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17th August 2010, 15:55
what letters do u have for 2D c4f?

looks like p&o for ur i&h
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17th August 2010, 15:59
p & i for ur i&h, i think.
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17th August 2010, 16:07
Good afternoon all,

From what I've read all the contributions are correct and I particularly liked 9a. The answer to 2d is difficult to hint at without giving the answer except to say that factually it is a divided day of work.


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17th August 2010, 16:12
Ty Trevor - ur right - p&i
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17th August 2010, 16:13
Thanks, Trevor, got that one - it's a real bind when you get blinkered. having got 7a I've now got 2d - hurrah!!!
My error was caused by thinking it was night shift!!!
Thanks, too Old Gal, had to resort to a Google, but saw where the clue/answer was coming from!! I did think it was the name of a symphony, but, sad to say, I'm not a culture vulture re music...
Ixion - 2d wasn't night, but I now know what it is
Many thanks to you all for your help.
Yeehaaa - SORTED!!!!
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17th August 2010, 18:42
I'm stuck on the bottom right corner. Only got 14d "Conversely, failing to unsettle saver"(4,5) [?i?e ???s?] and 22a "Lower name and number"(6) [net???] left to solve. Any clues anyone?
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