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12th March 2009, 19:21
Another wee one:
"Light shade applied to hair" = 'gel'.
Many thanks
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12th March 2009, 19:36
Hi Pooksahib.

Gel: 'In theatre and photographic lighting, a translucent coloured substance used to produce light of different colours.' Chambers

Like Big Dave, I wouldn't be without a copy of this dictionary.

Kind regards,


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13th March 2009, 14:54
Thanks, C. I'll put that on my shopping list. Once again, just one clue has me stumped:
"Based on belief, Diana turned Green, not Conservative" = 'idealogical'.

Many thanks.
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13th March 2009, 15:21
Hi PookSahib.

'ideological' = ID ('Di' backwards) + EOLOGICAL ('ecological' minus the 'c' for Conservative).
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