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2nd August 2010, 23:43
Can anybody give me the answer to 21d?
Opinion about nun being punished?It might be the
cosmetic foundation! I have B?NNUT,it looks like
anag of BET & NUN but I can find no answer in Chambers.
Any help will be gratefully received.
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3rd August 2010, 00:03
There is a thing called a ben nut thay yields ben oil - Ben oil is pressed from the seeds of the Moringa oleifera, known variously as the horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or drumstick tree. The oil is characterized by an unusually long shelf life and a mild, but pleasant taste. The name of the oil is derived from the high quantity of behenic acid. The oil's components are:

Component Percentage
Oleic acids 65.7%
Palmitic acid 9.3%
Stearic acid 7.4%
Behenic acid 8.6%

Seeds offer a relatively high yield of 22-38% oil. Ben oil has been used for thousands of years as a perfume base, and continues to be used in the capacity today. The oil can also be used as a fuel. Burkill reports:

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3rd August 2010, 00:05

Oil from the ben-nut (from the ben tree) is used in cosmetics. Look under 'ben' in Chambers.

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3rd August 2010, 09:45
Hi Ixion and Jim,
Thank you for the comprehensive answer to my query.
Why did I not look at the bleedin obvious in the holy book?
Many regards to you both.
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