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8th March 2009, 20:26
20a > Gate is badly made, making it hard for the elderly. A?E?S?... I had "ageist" as the answer, an anagram of "gate is" but apparently its wrong, and it should have been "averse" could someone please shed light on this of me, as im struggling to see why...
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big dave

8th March 2009, 21:05

You're not the only one to think it's an anagram:

This blog, mentored by Peter Biddlecombe who also writes for mine, only gives prize crossword analyses after the submission deadline.
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peter biddlecombe

8th March 2009, 21:34
I've just checked the solution given at the Times Crossword club - it's AGEIST. If AVERSE was given in the paper, I'm sure it's just a mistake.
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8th March 2009, 21:59
Thanks for that, Peter and Big Dave. I was really scratching my head about that one, couldn't see how they had worked it out at all, although now I'm baffled as to how they managed to enter "averse" in the solutions!
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14th March 2009, 19:17
Time Jumbo 801

I too had ageist and would be astonished if it was wrong. Does anyone know if an acknowledgement given by the paper? It has been driving me mad.
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14th March 2009, 20:55
i'm unsure if anything was printed in the paper, as i only tend to but it on a weekend, for the jumbo! maybe someone else could shed light on it??
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