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27th July 2010, 21:24
Hello. I just wondered if anyone could give me a nudge towards the quote Im looking for this week. I believe I've picked up on the author, but the quote and treatment of the eight answers are eluding me. Any help would be lovely.
Many, many thanks.
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28th July 2010, 07:48
Hi Laura (and here's hoping K hasn't given up after all the nitpicking on other threads!) I googled the authors name and quotations and the correct one came up at once - it starts "in every mess" if thats a help (I'd never neard of the author) I haven't yet completed the grid (not sure I will) and have 6 out of the 8 amended entries. If I can help any more let me know
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28th July 2010, 16:13
Hi annie. Many thanks for the help. I too hope that k hasn't left us. I so appreciate the help. Would you be able to point me towards the treated entries, I'm really having problems.
Many thanks.
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28th July 2010, 16:18
I'll tell you next friday
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28th July 2010, 16:20
Hi Laura - the treated entries are 2, 16 35 and 48 across and 1,10, 12, and 26 down. At least thats what I'm working to (K would be more confident and maybe New Boy will join us!)

I find this one easier than last weeks where I got practically nowhere!

PS Any idea what the title refers to? I thought it might be a clue but can't establish any reference to anything
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28th July 2010, 17:12
Thanks annie. I was working with 16a and 26d but I'd got no further than that. I've been on google but the title has me beaten. I can't quite see what it is alluding to. I hope I haven't offended jim by asking for help, but we all have a learning curve, and I don't ask until I've had a good attempt, but I understand that such crosswords have following of people that put a lot of effort into solving.
Many thanks.
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28th July 2010, 19:08
Hi Laura & Annie. Elsewhere K has suggested this explanation for the title-
Gwent -GHENT in 'Dutch' = Port

ST (ALLY) EW - 'Friend' in 'Mess'


'in every mess a friend, in every port a wife'
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28th July 2010, 21:25
Far be it from me to criticise K (again!) but the Dutch for port is "Haven". More likely explanation IMHO is the Dutch spelling for Ghent (a port in Belgium) is Gent. Therefore wife in port gives w in Gent i.e. Gwent.
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29th July 2010, 07:52
Thanks to Tony and Mistley -I knew it had to mean something but woudl never have worked that out!
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