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7th March 2009, 17:36
My neighbour is a regular crossword solver and was frustrated by this crossword. There was a clear typo in the clues as to an answer length which led us to be suspicious about the rest of the puzzle.

Our main difficulty is how "Male golf club admitting one female" can be "MIRANDA" (which is the answer as listed today. We are struggling with M, Man, Ir for iron but the whole thing looks messy. Any help appreciated.

Anyone else who did this puzzle or has it in their recylcing might like to help with how "philanderers" in another clue could end up being "WOMANISE" as a solution. Shouldn't it have been "WOMANISERS" ? (The clue was something about the sultan's people being in us and it was "OMANIS" inside "WE").

Thanks to anyone who responds.
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7th March 2009, 18:31
Hi Tim.

I'd explain MIRANDA this way ... M(male) + I(one) + RANDA(R&A=Royal and Ancient golf club, currently men-only though this just a topical aside to this clue, I think, as the 'M' already came from 'male').

As for WOMANISE/WOMANISERS, I agree it does seem a bit weak.

... JimC
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7th March 2009, 20:14
Many thanks. My neighbour is delighted to hear that they weren't trying to crowbar "iron" in as we had wondered. This answer is pleasing because it makes sense in retrospect.

May I take a moment to say thank you. Through taking a moment to kindly explain what we had missed you have helped us greatly. We are both very appreciative of your efforts.
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