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22nd July 2010, 18:36
I don't know if there is anyone out there doing this quiz but I am stuck on a few. 10 left out of a 100.

The answers include the name of a real or fictional person.

1. Commander who went down in history in 1912 (4, 5) Thinking Titanic but name does not fit.
2. Aube. Very funny time of day (4,5)
3. What patrons of Britian's first horse rental business got (7,6)
4. A local miner's town in the North East (8)
5.When his charges went up stacks came down (7,5)
6. It inmates are supposed to stand around like dummies (6,8)
7. Quite interesting these two are in the introduction (7,6, & 7,11)
8. Promiting a change in dress standards for women put this 19th century newspaper editor's name into the fashion directory (6,5,7)
9. Jewels of eclipses? (6,5)
10, It's definitely no longer powerful, but opinions differ as to whether it's now artful (4,6)

Should be grateful of any help please.

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22nd July 2010, 18:42
Some answers based on earlier threads

2 dawn french
4 scargill
7 william shakespeare / mahatma gandhi
10 tate modern
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22nd July 2010, 18:54
6. madame tussauds?
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22nd July 2010, 18:55
1. Capt of the Titanic was Edward John Smith - perhaps they've dropped the Edward.

9. Baily's beads?
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22nd July 2010, 18:58
1 his full name is ------ ---- -----
3 this is a phrase arising from an ostler in cambridge - take it or leave it
4 My answer is a 'new' town in Durham, name comprising two boys' names
5Think of a chimney stack demolition expert, name rhymes with something rude
6 London waxworks
8 Google the name of a lady eponymous with victorian ladies' unmentionables and a common name for a flower
9 What is seen around the edge of a sun in eclipse
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22nd July 2010, 19:08
And here's me giving carefully crafted clues on another site to the same poster LOL Time for the washing up methinks.xx
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22nd July 2010, 19:11
They're all smartasses on this site m
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22nd July 2010, 19:12
Many thanks to you all for your speedy replies. So grateful to you. This has helped me so much.

I find however I missed one. Sorry to add another

What the store that sells essentials began as (5,4,3,6)
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22nd July 2010, 19:15
The good news is there are only a cople of them - they just use different names.
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22nd July 2010, 19:18
Is Leslie above the same Leslie who started a thread earlier called localquiz with the same questions?
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