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5th March 2009, 20:04
Tax once paid on wagon that is attached to the wall. (8)

Best friend comes round the Close to give protection. (9)
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6th March 2009, 00:59
Hello G.

Tax once paid on wagon that is attached to the wall. (8) is ...
WAINSCOT = WAIN(wagon) + SCOT(olden-day tax).

For anyone, like me, wondering where G is getting all these puzzle clues, they come from a charity prize quiz run for/by a worthy-sounding organisation called the Rainbow Charity. The puzzle, although not a crossword, can be seen at and there are 100 clues in total, about 10% of which have already found their way to this forum. You have been warned!
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6th March 2009, 08:30
Fair play to you, for your (and everybody else's) info my wife brought a list of 100 clues back from work. Not knowing it was a comp a) for charity and b) open to people other than her dept. I had no problem giving her the upper hand, including help from yourselves.

After interrogation (of said wife and the above URL) it would appear that this is from the Rainbow Charity Puzzles site which I am now told someone in her dept. has entered. In short, warning taken and there will be no more clues from this worthy cause's puzzle sheet appearing in the forum and we won't be submitting an entry.

Interesting that despite your problem with it you can't help putting in the answer anyway Jim?!


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6th March 2009, 08:45
Hi again G.

Please don't misconstrue.

I didn't mean to upset or dissuade you. I was just curious about the origin of the clues and so did a bit of digging. I thought others here might also be curious.

As the puzzle is for a charitable cause, the organisers would, I assume, welcome the publicity as it might draw in extra entries and funds for the charity.

My warning was to others here that there might be up to another 90 clues coming our way.

I have no problem with you posting the clues on this website and am happy to try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Best wishes, JimC
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