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12th July 2010, 16:27
You may(or may not)remember ,a few weeks ago I posted a clue:(Murderer most foul first,) to which I had the letters ?a?e,It started a debate as what the answer would be ,suggestions were cane,dane ,kane and base.Well solutions were published today ,the correct answer is cane,I am not sure who suggested that I know I did think of it but incorrect spelling put me off,I still think it was a bad clue when letters c.a.i.n.wouldnt fit in ,dont think answer to a clue should be same word with different spelling.Anyway just wanted to let ye all know the answer ,as ye all took the time and trouble to get involved .Thanks again.p.s.Hope I remembered everyone apologies to anyone I forgot
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12th July 2010, 16:48
Thanks very much Sammi - I agree it was a bad clue. if the bods on this site can't reach an overall agreement there is usually something lacking.
ta again x
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12th July 2010, 16:53
Thank you for leting us know, you are very considerate letting us know the answer.
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12th July 2010, 17:57
No problem ,I was glad of the help at the time ,and no doubt will be again.Maybe even before the day is out!as I now have a new crossword to do.
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12th July 2010, 21:48">The Original thread (for anyone wondering).

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12th July 2010, 22:16
Well done jimC ,I couldnt even find the original thread today,never mind send a link.I tried to thank people from memory
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13th July 2010, 16:51
Thanks for the update Sammi
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13th July 2010, 17:24
Many thanks for that Sammi, I don't understand the answer but that's not unusual!
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