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2nd March 2009, 11:29
I would not buy a newspaper just for it's crossword. With cryptic clues a beginner will need to learn the protocols and extend their vocabulary, but a given crossword is no less challenging for an experienced practitioner for whom the challenge is to complete it (correctly!) as quickly as possible. My advice is to get yourself down to W H Smiths, or similar, and pick up one of the Daily Telegraph BIG Book of Cryptic Croswords (I recently acquired No.4, 240 puzzles for £5.99; that's tuppence ha'penny a puzzle in new money !!!) with the solutions in the back and this Forum to visit for hints, prompts, clarification and advice as necessary. As I have said here before, my previous Big Books have travelled the world with me and I thoroughly recommend them.
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2nd March 2009, 19:46
Thanks for the advice.. did buy telegraph on saturday.and have been reading elsewhere about the degree of difficulty being vastly different according to who has set it. some giving lightweights such as myself the chance to get at least half way through them and some being a total no-go. is this the same with the books or are they grouped as per setter.Ive found the same with the daily mail.. twice last week i finished it but the other three days i struggled to complete 6 to 8 clues. was a bit discouraging. but i keep trying my best.. micky
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