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7th July 2010, 00:13
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7th July 2010, 11:08
That'd be nice, thanks. Milk and no sugar, please.
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colin (swansea jack)

7th July 2010, 12:28
A forum subscriber named T,
Acted silly as silly can B,
It was no big surprise
That in other folks I's,
It was sheer inadequa C.

With apologies to you poets out there.
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7th July 2010, 12:48
"T" is a tree, grows tall, bears a rose.
"T" is a tendril that gets up your nose,
"T" is tasteless, tacky and terse,
Thankyou for reading my little "T" verse.

QT ©
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8th July 2010, 13:46
Colin (Swansea Jack) and QT,

What clever, very apt rhymes - I just love them.

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