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5th July 2010, 10:00
Having read guidance provided by AJT in earlier threads I am still stuck on 29A "Reportedly well-oiled toper, in embarrassed fashion, stumbled"(5)
I have ?EDL? but redly does not make any sense. It would help if I had 1D which has to be Merry as a something but I cannot think what!!! I also do not understand earlier guidance regarding 32A "Scandalous rumours belittled holiday momentos, say" (4) I have ?O?S. Any help much appreciated as it will overcome brain damage caused by too much claret hier soir!!
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5th July 2010, 10:06
Hi Bob

1d Is Merry As A Grig - anagram of Arsy Mare + G (good) Rig ( romp)

32a Goss - Holiday memento ...Goss(ips)
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5th July 2010, 11:08
Thanks K,

I had never heard the expression "Merry as a grig" but have now found it in Chambers under grig (not under merry!) Never heard of goss either so I have learnt two new words today. 29A must be redly but cannot say I understand.
Very grateful,
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6th July 2010, 00:10
Hi Bob,

If the letters in 'toper' are removed from 'Reportedly', the result is REDLY. As you say, it must be correct.

I have one letter outstanding - the final letter in 17d (Change such as Pierre named after one without regular income). It looks like EDIT (as in Change) but what is the wordplay? 'DI' could be 'discretionary income', mais qui est Pierre ?

I couldn't imagine attempting the Mephisto after too much vin rouge !!
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6th July 2010, 00:18
I answered the question about EDIT earlier today. "DIT" is the past participle of dire, and although I'm not happy about its translation as "named" this is obviously what is meant. "Pierre" indicates the french. Chambers gives "e" as the cclass reference for unemployed people.
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6th July 2010, 07:25
It seems to me that many of us are unhappy with McKenna's clues for being too obscure (or too clever by half). Is it time to write to the crossword editor or is she/he aware of our concerns already?
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6th July 2010, 07:32
Good morning Leslie - I've just made similar comments on the other Mephisto thread.
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