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27th February 2009, 19:30
For example, my paper today has as it's first 2 clues:
1A - Flapping tope and cod brought on board...
5A - ...quivering, injured by blow.

The answers are 'coopted' and 'wobbly' but why the '...' link? Each clue stands on its own. I've seen this a few times and its starting to bug me.

While I'm here, I've one to get from the Mail:
"Circle around, protecting net" (5)
There's only a few words given by the Quick Solve so, if it's one of them, an explanation would be nice.

Many thanks
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27th February 2009, 19:37
CLEAR. It'sin the clue. Last letters of circle + first letters of around. Net= clear of deductions.
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big dave

27th February 2009, 19:37
Your first point - in the opinion of the setter the clues read as one sentence, just ignore it except for that one time in every hundred when there is a link.

The other - clear is hidden in the clue, indicated by "protected", and clear means, in this instance, clear of all deductions, i.e. net
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27th February 2009, 19:42
I knew Big Dave would be able to give a more succinct explanation than I could........
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27th February 2009, 19:55
Shoulda got that clue.
And thanks for the elucidation...
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