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1st January 2018, 19:35
Happy New Year to all ! Trust you are all sober by now. (-;

January puzzle:

December solution: (mine, including any errors)

I'll post the parsing when available.

For best results, please download, open, then print.

Puzzle page courtesy of Sunray. Thank you.

Previous puzzles & threads can be found here:





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2nd January 2018, 03:51
Thanks again, syzzie, and sunray too. Lots of fun. I had to look up the names; I'd heard of this but have never seen a single minute of it.
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2nd January 2018, 19:29
Thanks, Syzygy, enjoyed.
27a. was another new word for me.
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3rd January 2018, 19:32
Yes, not bad. Was easier than expected.
Definitely not a fan of the show. Watched exactly 1 ½ episodes. It was touted as the next "Seinfeld". Yeah, right. The characters were cardboard cutouts.

Anyway, favourite clues: 20A, 7D, 24D, 33D.
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