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10th November 2017, 20:26
2D They go at rising top tennis player before final (9)

A?T?N???S I think this is probably ATTENDEES but I'm unable to fully parse it.

Presumably the whole answer relates to "They go" and then the word SEED is there in reverse and also END = final but they overlap so I'm missing something and would be grateful for some help!
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10th November 2017, 20:31
I think the compiler is using "net" (incorrectly) for "end" - "nett" would be better.
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10th November 2017, 20:31
It looks like AT (From the clue) + NET (Final) + SEED (Tennis player) with the last two 'rising'.
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10th November 2017, 20:34
Many thanks for your replies, it was seeing 'end' that threw me.
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