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norah (admin)

9th November 2017, 09:19
Below is a copy of my post on Listener 4475. I would remind everyone of their responsibilities in helping to keep this Forum a friendly place where users can chat and have friendly banter, the operative word being FRIENDLY.

It is only a minority of users involved in this particular spat but I thought I would take the opportunity to to remind all users that we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour. Guilty parties will be banned if it occurs again.


I have received complaints about various posts in this thread so can the guilty parties please stop behaving like children in the playground. I do not care who started it and who said what to whom, I just want it stopping NOW.

Two quotes are below
It is all getting a bit personal and detracts from the relaxation and
intellectual enjoyment of these for which I usually so enjoy .

The cause of the problem this week has been caused by some
people's intolerance to the opinions of others.

I do not want to ban anyone but I will not hesitate if this behaviour continues.

I have no intention of stopping friendly banter but this has gone beyond that.


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