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7th June 2010, 15:36
Please can you let me know the Saturday Telegraph Weekend GK Xword Link words please so can send off the Herculis crossword. Do not need the link words for Monday's Herculis as already have them. Will know which ones fit together when see the Saturday's link words too- so just Sat Tel link words only please.
Mtia, cheers Christopher
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7th June 2010, 15:39
Does this help, I don`t ake this paper
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7th June 2010, 15:49
You're spoiling him, Mamya. As I spend something like two hours, completing the General Knowledge Crossword on a Saturday to give me the four answers which to link to the four in the Herculis Crossword today, you'll perhaps understand why I won't provide the answers...
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7th June 2010, 15:50
Christopher: Get lost you lazy ****.
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7th June 2010, 16:18
My dog chewed up the paper as a matter of fact- did enter the xword too yet forgot to write down the link words before dog put the paper in his mouth- he is a puppy and teething right now. Am not being lazy- what right have you to judge me like this when you no zilch about me? Have a poor short term memory. No need to be nasty- speaking to the posters who choose to insult me for no good reason. Life is short- choose to live it positively :-)!!
Thanks Mamya for your help.

Kind regards, Christopher
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7th June 2010, 16:54
As I said I don`t have this puzzle and did not realise it was so revered, but of course those who didn't want to know wouldn't use the link would they? Sorry if I offended anyone.

Happy to have been a help.
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7th June 2010, 17:29
You've not offended me, Mamya, and, as you know, I have been effusive in the past about the contributions which you make to this Forum. However, I am mindful of the fact that the Telegraph have a special 'phone line whereby you can obtain the four clues from Saturday's General Knowledge Crossword. Admittedly, it's a premium rate call but, if you're desperate, it could be the solution [no pun intended].
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7th June 2010, 18:25
Man alive, Caravaggio- you need to stop being such an intellectual snob or getting on your high horse for the slightest mere bagattelle reason!! Why would I phone the helpline which costs money when can find out the answers for free anyhow- some posters are actually helpful here?!
Mamya- forget the intellectual snobs- you are far better than them anyhow. Why do you need to apologise because of the likes of a Carravagio? Only narrow mindedness is offensive!
Caravaggio- if you do not want to help someone then do not do so- simples, yet, please refrain from being a hindrance for everyones sake!

Kind regards, Christopher
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big dave

7th June 2010, 19:57

The AnswerBank post that Mamya linked to was a one-off. If you want the Saturday link words you will find them on AnswerBank in the KM links post by Seekeerz every Saturday morning at 7.00am. The Giant GK is compiled by Kate Mepham, which is where the KM comes from. The idea of the game is that you have to guess the link words that will be in the following Monday's Herculis. Anyone can enter. At 7.00am on Monday Seekeerz posts the answers and the scores. BTW Seekeerz is a lovely Australian lady called Steff, so 7.00am postings are quite easy for her!
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