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6th June 2010, 16:53
3D: Bait supplied when a Frenchman rows out after pollock (8). It seems to be 'lubworms'. Surely it should be 'lugworms', only then 'harebells' would be wrong. Also, 18D: Keep finding alien in the showers (7), which seems to be 'retains', should surely begin 'Keeps' rather than 'Keep'. Does anyone agree? Am getting slightly fed-up of these continued errors!
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6th June 2010, 16:58
Its lobworms - different type of worm/bait and retains is correct as in "keep in mind"
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6th June 2010, 17:49
Regarding 18d 'Keep finding alien in the showers' -I agree it was a major put off, especially as 28d 'Appease with second small return after taxes' obviously begins with an 's'
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6th June 2010, 18:29
thanks very much. Yes, I was wrong about lugworms but still think I'm right about 18D
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6th June 2010, 19:08
You are quite right Mikey. It's bloody obvious that keep relates to retain and keeps relates to retains.
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