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17th February 2009, 15:23
Hi Micky.

I don't know enough to suggest a ranking of the different crosswords, but could suggest that the Daily Telegraph cryptic might be a good one to start with. I think it has a wide and active following, although I do confess that I don't do it myself.

A step up (in terms of hardness) would probably be The Times daily cryptic crossword.

Of course, if you already take a regular newspaper, the cost of taking another just to do the crossword might be a consideration.

Most of the big newspapers have websites archives of their crosswords available for free. You could look at some of these to get a feel of what they offer and the level of difficulty that you are prepared to work at.

Good luck - and good enjoyment of course, whichever way that you go!
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17th February 2009, 18:06
Hi Micky.
You could try to find one where they give two sets of clues but the answers are the same.
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17th February 2009, 19:18
I'd suggest sticking with the Mail for a while. The odd clue may appear illogical but I regularly post here for explanations and am rarely let down. I started a few months ago and can now finish the Mail most days. However, I only get a lot of the trickier clues once some letters have been found.
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17th February 2009, 20:14
thank you all for the advice.. iam 6 away from finishing the mail today.. mine you i have consulted my dictionary for some words ive never heard of.. ie.. ORMOLU ... and LARGO.. but i supposed thats what its all about, learning new things.. and not trying to run before you can walk.. micky
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17th February 2009, 20:17
I agree wth KenA. The Daily Express Crusader Crossword is an excellent cryptic for starters
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17th February 2009, 23:44
I have been "doing" or not as the case maybe the Daily Telegraph crossword for about 8 years. It still amazes me that I can finish it one day and the next not even start it - it is a brilliant crossword shame about the paper really!!!
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john (from arran)

17th February 2009, 23:57

You might find the cryptic crossword in The Herald (formerly The Glasgow Herald) a good one to start with. Archives go back about four months and can be downloaded from their website for free. You can also get the answers if you can't finish it, but only for previous days and not the current one. Have a look here:
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18th February 2009, 17:14
Thanks to you all for your advice. i bought the daily express today along with the daily mail. amazing theres a credit crunch and iam buying two papers. had a quick look at it and first impressions i liked it although it could be slightly larger in the actual size of it.. not the ammount of clues but the ammount of area to write in.. will give the telegraph a go on saturday ive heard thats a good one.. thanks once again for your time and imput..
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(7, 4) = missing clue

1st March 2009, 20:02
Hello. I'm new here.
I have been posting the Telegraph prize crossword for years(always the correct solution, I won't waste a stamp otherwise).Does anyone know how many envelopes mine is amongst?
I scan the winners every Monday. Never get a mention.
Have I got a better chance of winning the Lottery?
incidentally. i would prefer to win the inscribed pen than the jackpot. Sad Eh?

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