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12th February 2009, 20:05
could someone help me with 1A - intensive rearing here in a crafty form perhaps (7,4)

i have **c****/***m

something FARM perhaps i dont know and its doing my bonce in, why do we torture ourselves like this daily, bet it a real simple one as well.. cheers in advance.. W
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12th February 2009, 20:31
You're right!
It's FACTORY FARM (anagram of 'a crafty form')
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12th February 2009, 21:07
thank you oh wise one.. i can sleep tonight now.. not a term ive heard of before.. factory farm.. battery farm yes but this no.. cheers jim
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13th February 2009, 10:59
I hope you did sleep well Walshie.

I doubt there is an exact definition of a factory farm, but I think it's a term to describe a large-scale, industrial agricultural business run more like a factory than a traditional farm; a battery farm would an example of this. I guess a factory farm is the opposite end of the farming spectrum to 'free-range' & 'organic'. Yum yum.
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