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16th May 2010, 22:24
Five lower case i's in an oblong box.
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16th May 2010, 23:20
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16th May 2010, 23:21
Ice Box ?

any help with Q3 and Q15 ?

sorry to others hard to explain.
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colin (swansea jack)

16th May 2010, 23:23

Where are the i's situated in the oblong box?
Are they in the middle, to the right of the box or to the left of the box?
If they are to one side or the other, it could be an army phrase.

Eyes to the right or Eyes to the left.

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17th May 2010, 11:51
For Colin.
The i's are even placed across the center of the box in a horizontal line.
For Gloria
Cannot take credit for these answers found them on another quiz when I was googling
3. Comedy
15. Goatee
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