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11th February 2009, 18:23
Two words 6 letters C-A-SE and 7 letters -R-I-ED first word most likely to be 'coarse' and I can't see any thing wrong with the rest of it. The I is from Eroica (Beethoven's 3rd symphony) the e from vole (small rodent - fits in with other words cutting across it) and the d I'm sure is right too.
So, COARSE -R-I-ED. Clue is "Gross" and I can only think "grained" but I'm not convinced.
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11th February 2009, 19:04
crasse ........
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11th February 2009, 19:29
"coarse grained" looks OK to me. Gross can mean vulgar. Some-one who is vulgar can be said to be coarse grained.
When I mentioned the layout earlier I was trying to be helpful not rude. I was surprised to see we are now talking 6/7 not 6/8 letters.
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11th February 2009, 19:34
No Terry, I didn't take it as rude at all, I hoped that redoing it like this made it clearer. Thanks very much for your help
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