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11th February 2009, 17:02
Clue: Gross
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11th February 2009, 17:59
You probably haven't had an earlier reply because what you have written isn't clearly laid out or easy to understand. Is it a 14 letter word,4/10,6/8 or what. Some of the given letters may also be wrong. The answer could be COARSE MANNERED.
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11th February 2009, 18:13
Two words (I did leave a space) first word I agree is most likely to be 'coarse' but I can't see any thing wrong with the rest of it. The I is from Eroica (Beethoven's 3rd symphony) the e from vole (small rodent - fits in with other words cutting across it) and the d I'm sure is right too.
So, Coarse _ R _ I _ ED. Clue is "Gross" and I can only think "grained" but I'm not convinced.
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