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8th February 2009, 11:17
Clue- ingredient of chewing gum(6)
a-a-y-,not 100% about the y.
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paul merrygold

8th February 2009, 11:53

Try ARABIC as in GUM ARABIC but it does make your Y wrong

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8th February 2009, 14:29
Thanks.I found out it could be arabin the ingredient that binds the gum apparently.I'd never even thought about what was in chewing gum because i only eat mints.haha.
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8th February 2009, 21:25
hi kerry, it is ARABIN. Are you stuck on any others? Ive only got one left 1 down - sudden gusts?(5) ?U?F?. Would be very gratefull if i could pinch this off you, cheers matty.
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8th February 2009, 21:27
Hi Matty.

Could sudden gusts?(5) ?U?F? be PUFFS ?
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