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8th February 2009, 05:36
question about the clue really, as opposed to askin for the answer.... for 3D on mine, the clue reads "catalogu?" now, is it a mis-print or it is a bloody obscure word, which one of you could enlighten me on?? the answer pattern (if it helps) that i have is s_o__/___T (5,4) and if it were just missing the "e" i could make it "short-list" as the answer should be hyphenated... but im still unsure about the clue ? unless it is just a simple typo....
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8th February 2009, 06:51
Hi Jonny It is not a typo just an alternate spelling of catalogue.
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8th February 2009, 09:32
I'd say it means "short list" as you suggest. A catalogue can be a 'list' and as the clue is one letter short, it is a "short" list.
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9th February 2009, 02:48
thanks Wendy and Arlenz for clearing that up for me!
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