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7th February 2009, 19:09
Should be easy but I'm stuck -

116D Lived (5) D?E?E

Thought it could've been DWELL but that would have made 127A Rifle (7) (answer - RUMMAGE) wrong.

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7th February 2009, 19:47
Hi Andrew. As the clue is lived, I would have thought the answer would have been DWELT but I don't have the advantage of having the grid in front of me. Best wishes, Caravaggio.
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7th February 2009, 19:49
Possibly DWELT (lived) ? In which case 'rummage' would still need rethinking; although other common alternatives to 'rifle' such as 'plunder', 'pillage' and 'ransack' wouldn't seem to help either :(
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7th February 2009, 21:51
Its not rifle Andrew its rife and I think the answer is rampant making dwelt correct for 116 down. What about 5 across have you got that as I'm stuck.
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7th February 2009, 23:02
Thanks everyone - I made a pigs ear of that one but am now on the right lines, so thanks to all.

As for 5A, I have CAHOOTS which has a tenuous link to the clue. On the evidence of my previous posting, I may well be way off the market....
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